Prague Airport Transfers Pricing – Shuttle, Taxi, Limousine Transfers

Prague Airport Transfer Services Pricing

Not only can you save up to 50% compared to the regular street taxis,

but you can save even more by taking advantage of our special offers!

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Private Prague Airport Transfer Services

Private TransfersIf you are not very keen on sharing a car or minibus with anyone else, then using Prague Airport Transfer Services is the ideal solution for you. To enjoy the benefits of this private transfer service, you will have to pay per vehicle rather than per person; in other words you will be charged a set fee. This fee is VAT inclusive and depends on your group size. There will be no alteration of the rates depending on the time of day you choose to travel, or the amount of time spent on the road and traffic (as is the case with regular street taxis). If you want the return service from Prague Airport to the city and back to the airport again, all you have to do is just pay double the price of a single transfer. Click here to read more.


Group Size 1-4 people 5-8 people 9 – 12 people 13 – 16 people 17 – 20 people 21 – 49 people
Price CZK 590

€ 22,50

CZK 780

€ 29,50

CZK 1370

€ 52,70

CZK 1560

€ 58,90

CZK 2200

€ 83

CZK 3250

€ 122,70

Vehicle Sedan or
Minibus Upgrade
Minibus Sedan and
2x Minibus Larger Minibus Coach


Free Minivan UpgradeTravelling with a Large Group? Book the Free Minibus Upgrade!

One major disadvantage of airport taxis is that they will carry only up to three passengers, and often there will not be enough space to hold all your luggage properly. So if you are travelling in a large group, there is a possibility that you will have to face similar problems. However, Prague Airport Transfer Services will enable you to get around this accommodation problem – with better service! You will be able to use our services with all of your companions and luggage – for no extra charge – in a bigger vehicle, and enjoy a relaxing journey to your destination. Simply choose Minivan/Minibus free upgrade when you are filling in the booking form and you are good to go!

Note that this service applies only for groups of four people. If your group consists of more than four people, then you will have to book the minivan at the standard price.


Shared Shuttle Transfer Services

Shuttle TransfersIf you are operating on a tight budget, then this is the transfer service for you. In this case you will travel with a group of other passengers in a minivan travelling between the hotel and the airport and share the overall cost equally with them. Prices are inclusive of VAT and are applicable for a one-way journey only. If you are looking to book the return trip as well, then simply pay double the one-way journey price. For more information on the Shared Shuttle transfer service, click here.


One way 1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons 7 persons
Price CZK 290

€ 11

CZK 450

€ 17

CZK 480

€ 18,10

CZK 500

€ 18,90

CZK 660

€ 24,90

CZK 680

€ 25,70

CZK 700

€ 26,40

 Vehicle Minibus Minibus Minibus Minibus Minibus Minibus Minibus



Shuttle-Bus Transport Service

The Shuttle-Bus transport service will enable you to travel between the airport and a central stop in Prague, located at the kiosk at Národní 40. The standard fare for one person travelling between the airport and the central stop is CZK 140. Children under the age of six will be able to travel for free, provided that they are accompanied by an adult. The price includes the transport of two pieces of standard luggage per person. For more information, click here.


One way 1 person 2 persons
Price CZK 140

€ 5,30

CZK 280

€ 10,60

 Vehicle Minibus Minibus


The standard fare of CZK 140 is valid for one person between the Airport and a central stop in Prague. Children under six years accompanied by an adult travel free of charge. Transport of two pieces of standard luggage per person is included in the price.


LimousinesTravel in Style in our Luxury Limousines

Let people know you are in town by travelling to and from the airport in one of our executive vehicles or stretch limousines. Similarly to all our other transfer services, you will have to pay a set fee for this service as well, instead of a fee per person. You do not have to worry about the accommodation of your party, as we will accommodate everyone – no matter what the size is.

You can choose executive vehicles such as the Mercedes E-Class or S-Class, or stretched limos such as the Lincoln TC120, Ford Excursion, Hummer H200 or the Cadillac Escalade.

If you would like to know more about our luxury vehicle transfer services, please click here.

Mercedes E Mercedes S Lincoln TC120 Ford Excursion Hummer H200 Cadillac Escalade
CZK 800

CZK 685

€ 25,90

CZK 1300

CZK 990

€ 37,40

CZK 2190

€ 82,70

CZK 3900

€ 147,20

CZK 4990

€ 188,30

CZK 4990

€ 188,30

Max. 3 pers. Max. 3 pers. Max. 8 pers. Max. 14 pers. Max. 17 pers. Max. 17 pers.
Vip Sedan Vip Sedan Stretched Limo Stretched Limo Stretched Limo Stretched Limo
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Benefits we Provide with our Transfer Services:


Payment OptionsWe Accept the Following Forms of Payment

-> Cash upon arrival (CZK, USD, GBP, EUR)
-> Credit card – MC, Visa, AMEX, Diner’s Club, JCB (you can pay either online or to your driver)
-> Bank transfers (corporate customers)
-> PayPal

Note – If you pay with currency other than CZK, then the prices may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.