Night River Cruise

During cruises, meals are served in the form of a buffet that is included in the price. Drinks are charged extra. By prior agreement, and usually, only for larger groups, it is possible to prepare a special menu, drinks, a birthday cake etc., that will be charged extra. Please contact us for a quotation.

Aperitif (welcome drink)

- Becherovka (Czech traditional liquor)


Cold Buffet

- Smoked meat (hams, Debrecínka, Mortadella, Herkules, Vysočina, pasties, sausages, cucumbers)

- Cheese (Edam, Emmentál, smoked cheeses, Gouda, Hermelín, Niva)


Hot Buffet

- Grilled chicken legs

- Pork goulash, raftsman Style

- Baked pangasius in tomatoes with garlic-basil pesto

- Chicken mini-steaks

- Broccoli au gratin

- Vegetable couscous


Side Dishes

- Bread dumplings

- Potato chips

- Vegetable rice

- Boiled potatoes

- White and brown bread



- Homemade apple strudel

- Various mini desserts and puddings - three types


Fresh Fruit Selection

- According to the season - apples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, tangerines, table grapes and the like


Selection of Bar Menu

All drinks except welcome aperitif are charged extra.

This is a short selection of bar menu to get an idea of pricing.

- Campari 100 CZK

- Martini (bianco, rosso, dry) 80 CZK

- Bottle of Czech wine from 250 CZK to 550 CZK

- Bottle of French wine from 550 CZK to 1100 CZK

- Czech sparkling wine 300 CZK

- Liqueurs from 60 CZK to 80 CZK

- Whisky 100 CZK

- Vodka 80 CZK

- Soft Drinks 40 CZK

- Cappuccino 70 CZK

- Hot chocolate or Tea 40 CZK