Transport between Prague and BratislavaTransport from Prague Airport or Prague Centre to Bratislava

Save your travel time and pre-book a private transfer from Prague Airport or Prague Centre to Bratislava (in any direction). We guarantee that this is the quickest and most flexible option.


  • Professional local English-speaking drivers
  • Optional sightseeing along the way
  • Free short stops for quick snacks and restrooms

Prague Airport <-> Bratislava

Sedan 1-4
CZK6,282per car
  • € 248
  • Sedan
    Škoda Superb or MB E class
Minibus 1-4
CZK6,282per minibus
  • € 248
  • Minibus (special offer)
    MB Vito/V class or VW Transporter/Caravelle
Minibus 1-8
CZK7,853per minibus
  • € 310
  • Minibus
    MB Vito/V class or VW Transporter/Caravelle
Minibus 1-20
CZK17,640per minibus
  • € 697
  • Minibus
    MB Sprinter

Prague Centre <-> Bratislava

Sedan 1-4
CZK5,904per car
  • € 233
  • Sedan
    Škoda Superb or MB E class
Minibus 1-4
CZK5,904per minibus
  • € 233
  • Minibus (special offer)
    MB Vito/V class or VW Transporter/Caravelle
Minibus 1-8
CZK7,380per minibus
  • € 291
  • Minibus
    MB Vito/V class or VW Transporter/Caravelle
Minibus 1-20
CZK17,360per minibus
  • € 686
  • Minibus
    MB Sprinter

Transfer prices are quoted per vehicle for a whole group to any location or hotel in Bratislava, including possible taxes and toll fees. Prices for a larger bus that can accommodate twenty or more passengers are available on request.

Stopover Tip

It’s not exactly a direct route, but on the way from Prague to Bratislava with a small detour, it is possible to see some other interesting places like Hluboká Castle, Tábor, Konopiště Castle, Karlštejn, Český Krumlov, Holašovice, Třebon, Vienna, Melk and Linz.


We Offer Three Types of Fares

One way – our standard charge.

Same day return – You’ll pay only a one-way fare plus a waiting charge, so your return leg is free. This is your cheapest option if you’re travelling to and from the same destination on the same day.

Any day return – multiply the one-way charge by two.


Waiting Fee Charge

If you require waiting or a multi-stop transfer, for example, you go to one city where we wait for you, and then you continue to somewhere else, we will add a waiting charge to your fare. Our waiting charges are as follows: 1-4 people: CZK 220 per hour; 5-8 people: CZK 280 per hour. For large groups, please do contact us. We do not charge this fee for short stops not exceeding 15 minutes.

Minivan Free UpgradeFree Minibus Upgrade

Some airport taxis will only take up to three passengers and might not be able to store your large bags in their sedan vehicle. With Prague Airport Transfers, we will accommodate groups of up to four passengers and your luggage in a bigger vehicle for no extra charge. To request this service, simply choose “Minivan/Minibus free upgrade” on your booking form. For groups of five or more persons this offer does not apply and only the minibus at standard price is available.

Payment OptionsWe Accept the Following Forms of Payment

-> Cash upon arrival (we accept CZK, GBP, EUR and USD)

-> Credit cards (you can pay online or pay your driver)

-> We accept MC, Visa, AEMX, Diner’s Club, JCB

-> Bank transfers (corporate customers)

-> PayPal

FAQ: Prague to Bratislava Transfers

1Can we stop for the lunch or break along the way?
Yes, we are quite happy to stop along the way at no extra charge. If you require longer stop (for example you might wish explore Brno for a few hours) we will charge waiting fee.
2We wish to book a transfer from Bratislava to Prague. I can see your company is based in Prague. Can you provide such a transfer?
Yes, we provide transfers between both cities (in both directions). But if you are booking a transfer which does not originate in Prague, the transfer (or at least a deposit) must be paid in advance.
3Will my driver speak English?
Yes, all our drivers speak English as well as the native Czech language and sometimes additional languages too. They're happy to discuss local culture with you, provide useful local knowledge about places of interest, and answer any questions you may have.
4We are group of four people and have a lot of luggage. Will they fit into a sedan vehicle?
If you let us know in advance we will send a spacious minivan instead of a sedan vehicle. The price will not be increased (you will only pay the sedan price).
5We are looking for the most economical way to travel between Prague and Bratislava. Are your transfers cheaper compared to travel by train or bus?
It depends on the number of passengers travelling. If four persons are travelling then the price is about the same travelling by bus or train. Generally for larger groups it might be cheaper travelling by private transfer.
6What are the advantages of using your transfers compared to the travelling by train or bus?
Our transfers are provided with new and comfortable vehicles, and the travel time is slightly shorter. There are no other stops on the way unless you ask us to do so (for lunch etc). If you travel by train or bus you will also have to add costs for getting to and from the station, whereas our transfers are door-to-door.
7What is the fastest means of travel between Prague and Bratislava?
Private transfers are the quickest way of getting from Prague to Bratislava.
8We are travelling with our small baby. Are baby seats obligatory?
Yes, by law baby seats are required. For your baby’s safety, we will provide them free of charge.
9Can your driver recommend us some nice place for a lunch/dinner on the way?
Yes, our driver will gladly help you with that or any other questions you might have.
10What vehicles do you use for intercity transfers?
For up to four passengers, we use either a sedan car (comparable to a Volkswagen Passat/Škoda Superb), or a van (comparable to Volkswagen Transporter/Mercedes Vito). We use also a van for groups of up to eight passengers. For larger groups, we can either use a combination of vehicles or larger minibuses (like a Mercedes Sprinter). Depending on availability, you may be upgraded to a better class free of charge for better comfort. The maximum age of cars is five years, but on average our fleet is two years old. If you require a particular model, please provide a note during the booking process and we will do our best to meet your expectations. For more details, please check our fleet section for available cars; we use only those brands which are listed in that section.
11We are a group of 60 people requiring a transfer from Prague to Bratislava. Can we rent a coach with your driver for that journey?
Certainly – please contact us for an exact price quote.
12We are very interested in your services but prices are too high for us. Can you give us a discount?
Unfortunately we are not able provide discounts. We believe that our prices are already very competitive. The only exception when we would be able to provide discounts is for travel agents, and this would be based on regular cooperation and subject to a minimum number of bookings. Please contact us.
13Are your prices also valid for transfers between Prague and Bratislava Airport (Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport)?
Yes, quoted prices are valid for these destinations as well.
14What vehicle should I choose?
If you travel to Europe in a group of three to six passengers for longer, and are obviously planning to have more luggage, we recommend booking our minivan. For groups of up to two passengers with big bags or three passengers with mid-size bags, a sedan car will be a better option as you will benefit from a more comfortable ride. If you are unsure which vehicle will be the best choice, please do contact us with your details and our support team will give their best suggestions.