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Our Services

You can choose from four different types of transportation services at your disposal. Whichever option you choose, our friendly chauffeur will be ready and waiting to greet you. We track arriving flights online, so even if your flight is delayed or arrives early, we'll be there for you.

It is always a stressful business to get to and from the airport. Especially in a city like Prague, tourists always find it difficult to travel by public transport. However, you can sit back and relax knowing that Prague Airport Transfers is here to provide you with the best transfer service available.

Private Transfer
Most popular
CZK750per car
  • 1 CZK 750
  • 2 CZK 750
  • 3 CZK 750
  • 4 CZK 750
  • 5 CZK 990
  • 6 CZK 990
  • 7 CZK 990
  • 8 CZK 990
Shared Shuttle
Budget Transport
CZK450per group
  • 1 CZK 450
  • 2 CZK 570
  • 3 CZK 600
  • 4 CZK 650
  • 5 ---
  • 6 ---
  • 7 ---
  • 8 ---
Public Transport
The Cheapest Option
CZK40per person
  • 1 CZK 40
  • 2 CZK 80
  • 3 CZK 120
  • 4 CZK 160
  • 5 CZK 200
  • 6 CZK 240
  • 7 CZK 280
  • 8 CZK 320
Public Taxis
The Most Expensive Option
CZK1,000approx. per car
  • 1 CZK 1000
  • 2 CZK 1000
  • 3 CZK 1000
  • 4 CZK 900
  • 5 CZK 2000
  • 6 CZK 2000
  • 7 CZK 1800
  • 8 CZK 2000

Public Transport

Public transportation is certainly sufficient for most passengers, which is undoubtedly reliable and cheap, but on the other hand is not very comfortable, especially for travellers with small children or more luggage.

If you plan on using public transport in Prague, be prepared for some walking and jostling among the crowded buses and metro, especially during peak hour. Using a public bus will get you to the nearest station (either at Veleslavín metro line A or Zlíčín metro line B). You will be able to catch a bus to Veleslavín every 10 minutes, starting from 4:15 am and running through to 11:30 pm. You will find escalators in the lobby only, but not on the platform of bus line 119. You will be helped with your luggage by porters, who work three shifts daily from 5 am to 10 pm. If you miss the last bus to the Veleslavín metro station, your only means of reaching the station is via a night bus and night tram combination, which can take up to two hours and make the journey highly inconvenient. One advantage of public buses is that they are cheap – tickets cost only CZK 40 with an additional CZK 20 per large piece of luggage – and they are a safe way to travel if you have light luggage and time to spare. However, a disadvantage is that the buses tend to be overcrowded more often than not, and they are not appealing if you have just landed after a long and tiring flight. As a result, searching for a hotel or address while carrying luggage and suffering from jet lag becomes very inconvenient. Hence, if you have a lot of luggage, a good transfer option would be to take a taxi or use a door-to-door transfer service.

Airport Transfer by Your Own Car

The last option to choose is the airport transfer in your car, and use some of the parking lots. This option is certainly sufficient for those who want to use their car. However, even the cheapest parking near the airport and the cost of fuel can rarely compete with the cost of other transportation options. Another disadvantage of cheap parking near the airport is the necessity to use transportation from the parking lot to the airport and back. Upon arrival, you have to contact the car park dispatching centre to arrange transportation. You will be delayed for at least 30 minutes. Another problem with some car parks is the lack of adequate security of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long in advance should I place a reservation?

We provide transportation-based reservations in advance. You can book your car one year in advance, or even several hours in advance. But even if you need to deliver it immediately, we will be happy to accommodate you as soon as possible. How does it work after arriving at the airport?

2How does it work after arriving at the airport?

Upon arrival at Prague Airport (and after passing through the baggage claim and customs clearance zone), you will be greeted by a driver holding a sign with your name. Prague Airport (Vaclav Havel Airport) is about 20 km from the city centre, about 25 minutes away.

3Is Prague Airport Transfer Service Cheaper than Regular Taxis?

You will definitely be charged less for travelling with us than for hiring a regular taxi. Prices are slightly lower when going to the city centre, and much lower if going farther. Usually, you will have to pay around CZK 650, but the amount depends not only on the distance but also the honesty of the driver and the traffic (there is a charge of CZK 7 per minute if the taxi is stuck in traffic). A dishonest driver will very easily charge you two or three times higher than the actual fare.

4What are the advantages of your transportation service compared to the regular taxi service?

Regular taxi services charge according to mileage (usually up to 36 CZK/km), waiting times, including operational waiting (usually 5 to 7 CZK/min) and the boarding rate (usually 60 CZK). It is not uncommon for a taxi driver to deliberately prolong the journey to your destination to increase the fare. Although the phenomenon of overpricing mainly affects foreigners, no one is spared from this risk. Our contractual transport has, in comparison to conventional taxis, fixed prices. You will always pay a predetermined price, without any boarding or waiting rates. If you are ordering an airport transfer, you don't have to worry about a delayed flight. If your flight is delayed, we will not charge you for the waiting time.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry – Be Careful When Booking!

In addition to the overcharging cabbies (search ‘Prague taxi’ on YouTube), there are plenty of transfer services that only provide potential clients with email and telephone numbers but give no insight into their history or registration (licence details). This is because they do not have a proper licence. Not only will you be charged unfairly by dishonest companies – or individuals – but you might also be in trouble in case there is an accident. Yet another possibility is that no one will show up to receive you – even if you have prepaid for your booking. So it is better to check the transfer company’s history thoroughly so that you do not get scammed.