Karlštejn Castle Private Tour | Prague Airport Transport

4 Hours Excursion

A Spectacular Disney-like Castle Perched on a Hill, Surrounded by Lush Forests and Vineyards

Escape to the medieval fortress in the middle of breathtaking countryside, and still make it back in time to enjoy Prague’s nightlife. The castle is extremely popular with locals as well as tourists, and the streets are packed with souvenir vendors, tour groups and even school groups, especially in the summer months. This charming Gothic castle was founded in 1348, built by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures.

As you approach Karlštejn village you can enjoy great views of Karlštejn and the surrounding countryside. After you arrive, a short walk will bring you to the castle gates, where you can join a guided castle tour. Later on you might have a lunch at some of the great local village pubs or restaurants.

Karlstejn Castle

Short Day Trip from Prague

15-minute walk up to the castle entrance

Valuable relics and jewels are kept here

Castle perched on a hill, surrounded by lush forests, river and vineyards

CZK1,600per car
  • € 63
  • Sedan or Minibus
    4 hrs
    From 9am to 2pm
CZK2,000per minibus
  • € 79
  • Minibus
    4 hrs
    From 9am to 2pm
CZK6,098per minibus
  • € 241
  • Larger Minibus
    4 hrs
    From 9am to 2pm
Larger group?
  • € 0
  • Bus
    4 hrs
    From 8am to 2pm

Private Tour Details

Open every day except Mondays from 9 am-6pm (or until 5pm or 4pm in the off season months). During January and February the castle is closed, except from 1st-9th January.

Price includes: Return transport from Prague back to your hotel and waiting fee at Karlštejn Castle.

Price excludes: Castle entrance fee: from CZK 250 per person (castle tour lasts 50 to 60 minutes).

Recommended for: anyone. Karlštejn can be easily seen on foot but there is a fairly steep short walk to the castle gates.

Tip: If you like castles then you can combine a visit to Karlštejn with a visit to Křivoklát, as both castles are amazing and quite different. Please contact us for a price quote.

Karlštejn Castle History

Discover the impressive Bohemian Gothic Karlstejn Castle, built in the 14th century by Charles IV, the Czech King and Roman Emperor. At that time the castle held the treasure of the Holy Roman Empire including the imperial coronation jewels. The foundation stone of Karlstejn was laid in 1348 and the main building works lasted to 1356, the year of Charles' coronation as emperor. Charles IV devoted care to the rich interior decoration of the castle until the time of his death on 1378. The castle was modified in the Renaissance style and re-built in the purism style between the 19th and 20th century.