7 Hours Excursion

St. Barbara’s Cathedral, Italian Court, Royal Mint and Ossuary in Sedlec

The historical town of Kutná Hora, now with a Unesco World Heritage listing, used to play an important role in the 13th century when silver ore was discovered here. Its fame lasted until the 16th century when silver resources were depleted. Its increasing wealth and prosperity led to an architectural boom in the town. And it gave rise to the construction of many beautiful monuments - the Gothic five-naved St. Barbara Cathedral, the Italian Court with the Royal Mint, the Stone House and other Gothic and Renaissance landmarks. Not far from Kutná Hora in nearby Sedlec is a uniquely amazing sight - the Baroque ossuary. The ossuary is decorated with the bones of some 40,000 people, and the decorations even include a human bone chandelier. The town is small enough to be seen in a single day, is free of the ugly, Communist-era buildings that plague many of the country's small towns, and is not very far from Prague - all these factors make it a popular day trip.

Kutná Hora

Half day trip from Prague

Just one hour drive from Prague

The Ossuary

Decorated with human boness

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Private Tour Details

Free time at destination: 4 hrs. The time is sufficient for a quick visit to the city, including the nearby Sedlec Ossuary. There is enough time for lunch. The city can be easily seen on foot.

Price includes: Return transport from Prague back to your hotel, waiting charge at Kutná Hora and driving from Kutná Hora to Sedlec Ossuary, and possible driving in the city centre at your request.

Price excludes: Entrance fees such as the entrance to Sedlec Ossuary (CZK 90 per person) and St. Barbara's Church (CZK 60 per person).


A visit to Kutná Hora can be combined with a stop at Konopiště Castle. This brief stop on the way back to Prague is recommended. Please contact us for a price quote.



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