Airport Arrival Lobby

It’s very easy to spot our drivers, holding orange placards with our company’s logo and your name on it. In case you can’t see the driver dedicated for you, you can ask any of the other drivers from our company to help you out. Or, you can call the toll-free helpline, 800 870 888, from any of the public payphones and we will help you out.

What To Do If You Cannot Find Your Driver

Although we always try to be on time, there might be occasions beyond our control when a small delay can occur. Please allow five minutes’ margin and if your transfer has not arrived by that time, please call the toll-free line (+420) 800 870 888, or the Prague phone (+420) 222 554 211. Public telephones are located in the arrival halls.


Warm Welcome

Terminal 1

This terminal is for intercontinental flights and passengers who have to go through customs and immigration. Flights coming from the UK and Ireland, and North American, Middle-Eastern, African and Asian countries come here. An estimated total time needed for all the formalities before arriving at the lobby is 20 minutes without check-in bags and 35 minutes with bags.

Terminal 2

This flight is for countries that are members of the EU Schengen Agreement (except the UK and Ireland). Other European flights arrive here as well, and customers do not need to show passport or ID for the formalities to be completed. Estimated time to arrive at the lobby varies from 10 to 35 minutes depending on the check-in bags.

Terminal 3

This terminal is exclusively for government and private flights.